Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh to be young again? Not me.

I worked with an 18 year old who was graduating from
high school today. She's scared spitless about her future.
Has no plans on how to accomplish her goals of being a
kindergarden teacher some day. She physically shook
from nerves as I performed her sonogram.

I never thought about that sort of thing when I was young.My
future unfolded for me without a hitch. I got into college
in the x-ray school program by a complete fluke. Someone dropped
out at the right moment so I could just slip in the door. Exit
college, there's a job waiting for me. The next years crop of
graduates had no jobs at all.

A few years later, someone sidled up to me and whispered...psssssst,
there's a job in Ultrasound, pass it on. I hollered ... ME...ME...take
MEEEEEE! They did and there were no openings in Ultrasound for
another 10 years after that.

Everything I've ever wanted in the way of a job has opened up
right when I wanted it and I've loved my job ever since.
How lucky is that?

My advise to her is to always keep a positive attitude no matter what
happens. "We become what our thoughts are." Then I said something
utterly inane and made her laugh.

Don't know which helped more...being silly or being profound but
at least she wasn't shaking any more.

BUt all this made me realize I wouldn't want to be young again
for a million bucks.

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  1. Me either. These retirement years are the best, although I liked my career when I was in it.