Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brain Development . . . is this a good thing?

I just bought a CD program called The BrainFlex Method. It talks about how to develop
your brain so that as you get older, you have less chance of developing brained related issues
like dementia and Alzheimer's by stimulating your brain to form new synapses instead of
decreasing them as usually happens when you get older.

The program talked about being a left brained person or a right brained persons. Left brainers
are logical people. They make lists and follow them; they make great detectives. They wear
watches and are almost never late.

Right brainers are those flighty kinds of creative people who "feel" more than they "see".
Not the most organized people in the whole wide world. In fact if they made a list,
they'd probably lose it. And watches? HA! What's time to a creative person?

Now just because I haven't worn a watch in over 28 years doesn't mean I'm a right brainer.
I just keep forgetting to take the watch to the jeweler's to get it fixed. Get the picture? The
list I wrote it down on to remind me is probably buried until piles of creative clutter on my
kitchen counter.

To stimulate the other side of your brain, they suggest doing things with your non-dominant
hand. Ever try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand? Oy! I got cramps in my wrist
doing that. I've been using my left hand on the mouse when I play solitaire. I have to use
my middle finger to click the mouse instead of the forefinger. *Mr. Left ForeFinger* has gone on
strike. It doesn't want to work right.

And soooo...they suggested a way of right brainer's developing the left side of their brain.
Keeping a blog every day for 30 days. You might think this is a creative person's forte but
it's not. It's organized and logical, *delicate shudder*, but I'm going to try to do this for
30 days.

oh yeah . . . just gotta share one last thing. They suggested using two pieces of paper and two pens. Draw a circle with one hand while you are drawing a square or a triangle or some other structure with the other hand. They offered about 12 different drawing scenarios graduating up to the more difficult ones of drawing two squares with one hand, a triangle with the other hand and trace a circle with your foot on the floor as you do it. By the time I got done, I felt like I'd pulled a hamstring in my brain. Aiyiyi! DO NOT do this exercise just before betime, boys and girls. I kept waking up wondering where I was that night.

Anyway, I'm gonna try that write a blog post every day. We'll see how far I get. ggggrin!

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  1. I vow to read your blog posts everyday, so my vow depends on yours....but no pressure.....