Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bully Bird

"Hey Lady. Get outa my way. Ah'm flyin' heyah."

My walk today was punctuated with a moment of
of extreme surprise. I felt a thump and flutter
at my back. As I tried to see behind me, I
noticed the shadow of a small bird hovering
behind me just below my shoulders. It glanced
off my back again and then flew off.

What do I look like? A window? Hmmmmmmm...
on second thought...don't answer that. Gggrin!

Just thought I'd share. Odd things happen to me
but this one rates pretty high on the weird-o-meter.
Now I'm gettting pushed around by birds.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh to be young again? Not me.

I worked with an 18 year old who was graduating from
high school today. She's scared spitless about her future.
Has no plans on how to accomplish her goals of being a
kindergarden teacher some day. She physically shook
from nerves as I performed her sonogram.

I never thought about that sort of thing when I was young.My
future unfolded for me without a hitch. I got into college
in the x-ray school program by a complete fluke. Someone dropped
out at the right moment so I could just slip in the door. Exit
college, there's a job waiting for me. The next years crop of
graduates had no jobs at all.

A few years later, someone sidled up to me and whispered...psssssst,
there's a job in Ultrasound, pass it on. I hollered ... ME...ME...take
MEEEEEE! They did and there were no openings in Ultrasound for
another 10 years after that.

Everything I've ever wanted in the way of a job has opened up
right when I wanted it and I've loved my job ever since.
How lucky is that?

My advise to her is to always keep a positive attitude no matter what
happens. "We become what our thoughts are." Then I said something
utterly inane and made her laugh.

Don't know which helped more...being silly or being profound but
at least she wasn't shaking any more.

BUt all this made me realize I wouldn't want to be young again
for a million bucks.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brain Development . . . is this a good thing?

I just bought a CD program called The BrainFlex Method. It talks about how to develop
your brain so that as you get older, you have less chance of developing brained related issues
like dementia and Alzheimer's by stimulating your brain to form new synapses instead of
decreasing them as usually happens when you get older.

The program talked about being a left brained person or a right brained persons. Left brainers
are logical people. They make lists and follow them; they make great detectives. They wear
watches and are almost never late.

Right brainers are those flighty kinds of creative people who "feel" more than they "see".
Not the most organized people in the whole wide world. In fact if they made a list,
they'd probably lose it. And watches? HA! What's time to a creative person?

Now just because I haven't worn a watch in over 28 years doesn't mean I'm a right brainer.
I just keep forgetting to take the watch to the jeweler's to get it fixed. Get the picture? The
list I wrote it down on to remind me is probably buried until piles of creative clutter on my
kitchen counter.

To stimulate the other side of your brain, they suggest doing things with your non-dominant
hand. Ever try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand? Oy! I got cramps in my wrist
doing that. I've been using my left hand on the mouse when I play solitaire. I have to use
my middle finger to click the mouse instead of the forefinger. *Mr. Left ForeFinger* has gone on
strike. It doesn't want to work right.

And soooo...they suggested a way of right brainer's developing the left side of their brain.
Keeping a blog every day for 30 days. You might think this is a creative person's forte but
it's not. It's organized and logical, *delicate shudder*, but I'm going to try to do this for
30 days.

oh yeah . . . just gotta share one last thing. They suggested using two pieces of paper and two pens. Draw a circle with one hand while you are drawing a square or a triangle or some other structure with the other hand. They offered about 12 different drawing scenarios graduating up to the more difficult ones of drawing two squares with one hand, a triangle with the other hand and trace a circle with your foot on the floor as you do it. By the time I got done, I felt like I'd pulled a hamstring in my brain. Aiyiyi! DO NOT do this exercise just before betime, boys and girls. I kept waking up wondering where I was that night.

Anyway, I'm gonna try that write a blog post every day. We'll see how far I get. ggggrin!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What makes you happy?

Have you ever thought about what makes you truly happy? TOday...I decided to make a list.

1. When a stranger responds to your smile.
2. The smell of cut grass
3. The smell of flowers as you're sitting under a busy overpass waiting for a traffic light to turn green. (can you tell this happened to me today? I've never smelled flowers there before in my life and I've been driving under this overpass for almost 30 years)
4. Seeing the sunshine after days and days and days and days of rain. (can you tell we're a bit water-logged here in the Midwest?) gggrin!
5. Finding the perfect pair of pants on sale for $2.99. ( my husband doesn't like them, but WHAT woman wouldn't LOVE to find a pair of bright red elastic waisted suede pants ON SALE and they actually FIT?) gggrin!
6. Having someone tell you the convoluted directions to a doctors office, but stopping after she says....go down this long the door, THen go down the hallway. (That's my kind of sense of humor.)
7. Helping someone who is very uptight about having some medical testing done laugh through their procedure and reeeeeeeeally relax. (Of course, it's hard to be around me without laughing really hard. Hmmmm....I wonder if that's a good thing or not, she pauses to consider, then grins)
8. Realizing it doesn't make that much difference if you are one minute late to work or not, as long as you got there safely.
9. Getting to think about what makes you happy and then realizing you had a most excellent day.
10. Realizing you really only have nine things that made you happy today, but in sharing those nine things, you get to say you have 10 things that made you happy.

And so...what made YOU happy today? I wanna know.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Serenade of the Tree Frogs

Have you ever heard a tree frog sound deleriously happy? We experienced a "gully washer" of a thunderstorm last night, one of many the midwest has endured in the past week or so. At 4:30 this morning, the sound of 30,000 happy itty bitty little frogs outside my window woke me up.

(Okay, so it might have been the hot flash that woke me up, but the "Halleluja Chorus dressed in green" prevented me from going back to sleep.) Gggrin!

I suppose most people never have the opportunity to hear tree frogs. Living in the country for thirty years near the woods and a big pond helps. There's something so soothing about their joy. Oh ... to be happy it rains ... and rains ... and rains.

Did you know most tree frogs sing soprano? Well, for years, one of OUR frogs sang bass. You'd hear chirp, chirp, chirp and then BA-ROOm. In fact, the "bass" frog possess what sounded like a smoker's cough. YOu'd heard chirp, chirp, chirp ...BA+ROOM....cough, cough, wheeeeeze. Life's interesting around my house. Even the tree frogs are different.

More later. I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. Vacation, work related seminars and life in general have gotten in the way. HOpe to remedy that.