Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Rules to live by

1. Smile more often. It makes better looking wrinkles.

2. Take time to smell the roses (and if you're allergic, you can just wave from a distance. Even roses get lonely, ya know.)

3. Shave your legs more than once every 3 months in the winter. (You just never know when you're gonna fall on your face on the sidewalk and end up in the ER with a skinned up knee and a rattled brain.) And . . . IF you choose NOT to shave more often than that, tell the ER personnel that you are trying to start a new trend by wearing dread locks on your legs.

(Hey, wearing your pants around the bottom of your butt with your underwear hanging out came into vogue...I think you can away with this one!) gggrin!

4. When someone asks how you are . . . give them a spontaneous answer. None of that "fine, how are you?" crap.

Personally, when someone asks me how I am, I respond, "I'm reeeally, reeeeally, reeeeeeeeeally good, bordering on spectacular, but not quite there." That's been known to startle the person asking, but they almost always smile when I do it.

5. Be sure to listen. You just never know what you're gonna find out. Maybe it will be the winning lottery numbers. (Well, I can dream, can't I?)

6. Don't assume that someone should "see" you need help. Ask for it.

I know you think you shouldn't have to ask, but most of us are not mind readers, although I do "play" one on TV.

7. Pay it forward. Do a small kindness for someone and when they want to repay you, tell them to do something nice to another individual. I know for a fact that slowly and over time, you can influence an entire group of people to do the same.


  1. Great thoughts, Kate. I'm on board with the hairy legs thing. My excuse is that I'm planning to grow it long enough to knit it together so I'll have everlasting attached stockings...can you imagine what that would look like as it continued to grow?

  2. Oh honey, thanks for the belly laugh on that mental picture. Whoo-HOOOOOO!

  3. The late, great George Carlin had a great response to # 4, which I frequently use - "Fair to moderately insane!"

  4. LOve it, Jeannine. I'm gonna have to steal that one. gggrin! By the way, HOW are the ferrets? Any of them try to kill you lately? I love your blogpostings.