Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Slipper Sox

Mom's still in the hospital on a respirator. It's been almost a month since she had her surgery. Has had two respiratory arrests probably from a reaction to some medicine. Not as serious as a cardiac arrest, but serious none-the-less.

Her sense of humor is still there, however. She asked me to bring some slipper socks from home. She's tired of the icky old red ones they give you at the hospital.

I decided to make her day and bring her SPECIAL ones. BOught a pair of florescent pink one with heart shaped gripper thingies on the bottom. On the top is a picture of Ehyor, the donkey from the Winnie the Pooh stories. Just above his picture it says, LOVE ME.

I brought them in and said....don't feel like you HAVE to wear these. But she grabbed them and hugged them to her chest, her eyebrows wiggling their approval emphatically. It's so hard to talk when you have the equivalent of a fist stuck down your throat. Hard to read lips that way.

She's the talk of the ICU now. Gggrin! I don't suppose very many 82 year old ladies wear Ehyor socks up there. But then again, most 82 year old ladies don't wear ball caps with the caption ......
"Don't let the hallo fool you." (I'm not sure how to spell's one of those round shiney rings that angels wear above their heads. gggrin)

Anyway, it made my day to see her eyes sparkle when she saw them.


  1. Hi Kate

    I have been thinking of you and your Mom and thought she would be on her way home by now. Hopefully this is just a little setback and before you know it she will be sitting in the wheelchair waiting for them to get her out of there.
    Funny little thing happened - Harv. was in the hospital overnight in July and when they released him they sent for a wheelchair.
    well by the time they got there he was in his own wheelchair, of course. Had a hard time convincing the person with the hospital chair that he shouldn't have to get into it only to transfer back to his own outside. Finally got through to them. Thats your giggle for today.

    Loved the bit about the socks. give your Mom a hug from us.



  2. Thanks, Freda. I swear, sometimes, people just don't think about anything other than following the rules. Sheeeesh! But I did grin. Mom's getting better by the day now. Thanks for your kind thoughts and hugs.