Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fairy Godmother Wings?

(You should probably read the posting below about the $30 dress before you read this note if you are a new visitor to my blog. It will make a lot more sense.)

I suppose I ought to explain the drawing with the fairy wings. Thirty years ago, I watched out for a friend of mine going through a trying time in her life. She was in medical school. I gave her little presents and sent letters just to say, "hi, I'm thinking of you." She used to marvel at the wonderful timing my letters seemed to possess. They always came at a time when she needed a pick-me-up.

In fact, one time she asked, "How do you know when I need you?" I laughingly replied, "it's magic." She asked, "Are you my fairy godmother or what?" I liked that idea and adopted the non-de-plume of Nancy's fairy godmother.

(I could go weeks and weeks without thinking of my friend, but whenever she came to mind, I felt a compulsion to write immediately. Once, however, I put off writing to her for two weeks, until the urge to write became too strong. That was the time my letter arrived on the very day she lost her first patient as a resident.)

Over the years, I've played fairy godmother to four different people. When their lives seems to get on an even keel, I retire as their fairy godmother, but we remain the best of friends.

So, when I had my portrait taken in the fairy princess dress and the photographer suggested giving me fairy wings, I had to agree. He saw the real me.

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